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24 hour musical

HOLY BEEJESUS!!!!! it was amazing. gahhh i can’t believe how amazing it was! my favorite was lumiere and lefou and babette the featherduster. gahhhh. SO FRIKKIN GOOD. had me thinking ‘wait. was that on purpose or did they just forget what to do?’ lol fantastic. really. odihgahdgljahdgk ahileug. 

beauty and the beast

in 3D. i’m so happy this is happening. i most likely won’t get the chance to go and see it but i’m just glad it’s out there and more accessible to people. on my wall [actual not fb] i have the phrase “tale as old as time” and my younger cousins didn’t get the reference. and yeah. they’re boys and it is a princess tale. but i mean. every kid should have watched beauty and the beast. princess tales shouldn’t be reserved just for girls so i really see no excuse for them not knowing the phrase. it’s sad that they have to hype it up with the 3d. but i suppose if it appeals to the younger masses then i guess that’s cool. really i just want it seen. and if it takes 3d to do that then i guess it’s ok. maybe one day things can be brought back to the big screen without having to pop out at us. maybe then they’ll bring back harry. 


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